Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my license?


After purchasing a license, please check your email for a product key, it looks like

To redeem your Phoenix AC license, head over to our discord and follow the instructions to redeem your key. You will be direct messaged all relevant login information.

How do I access the Cloud Panel?


Simply login to our dashboard on the same Discord account you redeemed your key on. This will give you full access to your server’s panel, allowing you to download the anti-cheat. On the panel you are also able to monitor bans and configure the anti-cheat to meet your server’s needs.

Your server is required to have an open connection to HTTP traffic to communicate with our panel. This may require you to contact your host if you have a restrictive firewall in place. Failure to allow HTTP connection will result in the AC not being able to function.

How do I download PhoenixAC?


Log in to your server’s panel with the details messaged to you after claiming your license, and there you will find the download for the anti-cheat.

Where do I go for more information?


If you still have any questions or queries before you purchase, please head over to our discord and make a ticket. Our friendly support team is there to give you as much information as you need.

Supplied with the download of the anti-cheat, we include a detailed installation and configuration guide that takes you through every step of setting up Phoenix on your server.

I have multiple servers, how does licensing work?


Scenario A:
John runs a large community with multiple servers, meaning that once the first server is full, players join Server 2. In this instance, only a single lifetime license is needed. However, you’ll need to contact Staff in order to activate the license on the second or third server.

Scenario B:
Amanda owns a large group of servers, called Alpha RP, Bravo RP & Charlie RP. These are different communities and they’ll each need their own individual license.

All servers are permitted to have a development version of their server, to add your development server you will need to contact support.

Is support offered to set up PhoenixAC?


We’ve ensured that the setup process is as easy to follow as possible, even for those with little to no development background. However, should you find issues or need assistance setting-up & configuring the anti-cheat, simply create a ticket via our friendly Discord support bot.

We also provide setup installation and configuration personalised to your community, which is completed as a service by an individual Staff member of PhoenixAC. If you'd like more information on this service, please contact us.

Still have questions? Please contact us here.