Server protection,

An amazing all-round anti-cheat providing full anti-economy hacks & an amazing interface.
Your one-stop shop for server protection.

Now detecting enhanced functions in Eulen, redENGINE, ProjectYX, Kekhack, Lunacy and HX Hacks & more.

Core Features

Customize your community protection

Simple Installation
The cloud panel provides all the tools you need to personalize the AC to your server. Full blacklists, trigger protection, enhanced security features & more.
Fully Customizable
Phoenix is instantly available, and only requires you to run a few commands in your server console. We're the easiest AC to install and configure.
Support & Documentation
Our word class support is available around the clock to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have support in all regions, and in multiple languages!
Mon May 30
9:41 PM

Administer from anywhere

Our state of the art cloud panel has administration features like banning, kicking and screenshotting players without even being on your server.

Manage your server

Our easy to navigate ban and screenshot pages allows you access vital information regarding your server's security with ease.
Sharon Park

"I needed to make some specific changes and they sent me a quick step by step video explaining how to make changes. Great communication!"

6:54 PM · Nov 17, 2020
Vipax ツ
@Vipax ツ#5701

Anti- Cheat 10/10 - Support 10/10
The best Anti-Cheat ever, support is very fast. For the price there is no better Anti-Cheat that even protects the resources + database

1:19 AM · Mar 28, 2022

Very good decision on my end, needed a good anti cheat and I got one from Phoenix. They helped with issues I was running into, very fast and very friendly, will be buying lifetime soon.

1:21 AM · May 2, 2022

I'm not well known with anticheats but this support is amazing. Every Question will be answered in max. 1 hour and every problem will be solved, they helped me with every stupid question! Big support and good Anticheat!

6:54 PM · May 10, 2022
HD Neat
@HD Neat#0240

We have tried many over the last 2 years, nothing but heart ache and pain.The support is amazing here and only after 4 hours it got 2 confirmed hack menu users, Eulen, and also 1 global banned person. Full on 100 / 10 from Evolve  Would recommend to any server.

10:31 AM · Mar 4, 2022
Mr Murphy
@Mr Murphy#5183

Anticheat 20/20Support 100/100Overall: Phoenix AC, is by far No.1 AC Out to the public rn, the new systems constant updates to battle the cheaters is amazing, the people who work here are amazing and overall good community, if you've got an issue they'll help you! the price is good for what you get

2:48 PM · Jan 21, 2020
Sharon Park

"I needed to make some specific changes and they sent me a quick step by step video explaining how to make changes. Great communication!"

6:54 PM · Nov 17, 2020

Been online for 2 weeks only, already 105 bans on record  10/10

6:54 PM · Mar 5, 2022

I have the anticheat since yesterday but I can already say that it is much more functional than all the ones I had before. The online panel is just sexy, the functions that are offered to someone, all the setting options are on god level. The support cannot be compared to others, just awesome.

5:55 PM · Feb 24, 2022

Both the Anti-Cheat & Support are 5 Had numerous people get Bans since the Eulen injector update which is always Good!  Would recommend to anyone!

1:11 PM · Feb 21, 2022

Anticheat 10/10
Support 1000000/10
Absolutely best anticheat, and better support team, every time you have an issue they are always quick to reply, and fast to fix it/look for solutions. Would not run my city without phoenix!

8:59 PM · Jan 24, 2022
Big Smoke 313x
@Big Smoke 313x#1097

So far I've had 3 other anticheats for my servers and none of them gets close to completing with Phoenix. Support is on another level also. 10/10

3:55 AM · May 17, 2022

That support team really is amazing! I was quite shocked at how fast they respond and resolve issues it really is as good as everyone says it is! I'd highly recommended PAC to anyone looking for an to protect their server against modders. 110% worth every cent.

6:54 PM · Nov 17, 2020
The PhoenixAC Admin Menu (PAM) is a free addition to the anti-cheat. It allows staff to ban with our un-evadable ban method, access our screenshotting feature, and more. Admin actions are also available via the Cloud panel, allowing for administration even when you're not on the server.

Manage your players

In-built Admin Menu


Introducing: Revolutionary Event Protection

Protect your Economy & Triggers

Cheaters cannot execute any event on a Phoenix protected server through our unique Event Protection technology. This advanced feature will completely protect your economy from destruction and exploitation. Event protection also protects your community from disruptive attacks such as exploits involving jails, carryall, etc.

This protection enables you to focus on your community, without worrying about money hacking and other problems that exist on vanilla FiveM.

This enables you to focus on your community, without worrying about money hacking and other problems that exist on vanilla FiveM.

Online Panel

Our online panel makes editing your config as simple as a click of a button, with live updates sent to your server.

Blacklists & Whitelists

Options to use rather a blacklist or a whitelist allows you to find the easiest way to protect your server from mass spawning.

Variety of Prechecks

Our selection of prechecks helps you stop cheaters before they even join your server. Anti-VPN, Steam age, and many more!


We have customisable set limits on multiple parts of your configuration, from explosions to vehicles - with several options to fit your needs.

Customer Support

Our support is loved by our Customers, and we're confident in saying we have the best support available, 24/7.

Trusted & Safe

With over 600+ servers and 20,000 unique bans, it's obvious PhoenixAC is trusted and will provide real results for your community.