Anti-cheat, redefined.

Now detecting Eulen and redENGINE - with zero client performance impact.

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Ensure the safety of your community with Phoenix.

PhoenixAC has been paving the way for the modern era of server and community protection. We're universal - we will provide the best security regardless of framework or server type.


Fully Customizable

The cloud panel provides all the tools you need to personalize the AC to your server. Full blacklists, honeypot triggers, security features & more.


Simple Installation

Phoenix is instantly available, and only requires you to run 1 command in your server console. We're the easiest AC to install and configure.


Support & Guidance

Our word class support is available around the clock to help with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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Advanced Security

Our protections are fully customizable and provide the most comprehensive security on the market, now including Event Protection.


Save Time

Instant updates from panel to server allows real time changes to ensure you have the best protection for your community.


Cloud Panel

The cloud panel allows you and any of your chosen staff to access settings & bans. Anywhere and anytime.


For full control over your community,

PhoenixAC Admin Menu

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Universal Admin Menu

This powerful menu works on all server types.

The PhoenixAC Admin Menu (PAM) is a free addition to the anti-cheat. It allows staff to ban with our un-evadable ban method, access our screenshotting feature, and more. Admin actions are also available via the Cloud panel, allowing for administration even when you're not on the server.

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Our Customers

Why do communities love Phoenix?

"Without Phoenix, I don't know if protecting my server would even be possible,"

 I personally used a different AntiCheat and they just didn't do what they advertised in doing, but Phoenix in the other hand is different, if they say they will do something, they do it.

I highly recommend you joining the Phoenix Team if you have not yet, trust me you won't find a better AntiCheat in the Market. Prices are BEYOND cheap for what you get for it.



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