We've worked hard to deliver an amazing product to ensure the security of the FiveM communities we protect. Whilst our methodology and full feature list remains private for security reasons, here's just some of the things you can expect:

Phoenix FiveM-03.png

Online Panel

The first to achieve this in our space, we developed an industry leading online panel where you can control your anticheat from anywhere you like. The days of .cfg files are gone with Phoenix.


Customer Support

We pride ourselves on fast and reliable Customer Support. The average wait time for a ticket request at PhoenixAC is 5 minutes & our Staff are ready to help you with any issue you may have.


In-game Security

We offer all the standard features such as anti-explosion spawning, car spawning, object spawning and many other blacklists and thresholds which keeps your gameplay quiet and safe.


Trusted & Safe

PhoenixAC is in use on over 600 communities - which makes it safe and trustworthy. With many great reviews and excellent features, what else would you pick?


Event Protection

Cheaters cannot execute any event on a Phoenix protected server through our unique Event Protection technology.

This enables you to focus on your community, without worrying about money hacking and other problems that exist on vanilla FiveM.


Executor Detection

Partnering up with industry experts, we've been able to deliver a full executor detection suite which bans individuals immediately that join with certain executors running on the client. Usage subject to community verification.



Executor Detection

Event Protection